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My setup changes around pretty frequently, so this is where I’ll keep an updated guide to my setup, and how I use it in my daily life.


1. Computers

1.1. 2022 M2 MacBook Pro (13“)

I got this as a birthday gift last year and it’s been my main computer ever since. As someone who has always used Windows, I really enjoy using MacOS. It’s just more straight-forward and runs everything so smoothly. Because this is my main computer, I have software for everything I do like art, music, programming, and more, compared to my other machines. Overall, this is a great computer that works as an amazing daily driver.

1.2. Raspberry Pi 400

This was given to me in exchange for some website work from a classmate, and has found itself as my desktop. It’s running Raspberry Pi OS Lite, meaning I use nothing but the terminal. I like only using a terminal because it allows me to have a full distraction-less enviroment to work in, which is perfect for someone like me who gets distracted easily. I only use this for development and writing,. It’s basically a small digital typewriter that runs Emacs. It takes some getting used to, but it’s really helpful for long work sessions. Plus it makes me look cool.

2. Software

2.1. Text Editors

2.1.1. Emacs

Emacs is my main (and favorite) editor! I honestly don’t have that much need for all the other editors I use because anything I can do in those; I can do in Emacs. I use Doom Emacs on my MacBook, and just vanilla Emacs on my other machines. Doom Emacs uses Evil-Mode, which I obviously love because Vim keybindings are super yummy, but I also just enjoy the easier keybindings (or “key chords”) for everything else like visting a new file and stuff like that. Despite this, I don’t mind the default keybindings (otherwise I’d be using Doom on all of my other machines), but Evil-Mode does help a LOT. I use Org-Mode for a lot of my note-taking, and occasionally making web pages (like the one you’re reading right now!). One extension I have is Org-Journal, which I use to journal (duh). It’s pretty cool, and super convinent for me since I spend a lot of my time in Emacs.

2.1.2. Neovim

Neovim is super dooper cool! I only really use this when I have to edit something really quick in the terminal, but regardless I can see myself using this as my main text editor. It’s really fast (as Vim usually is) and with the Lua support, it’s super extensible and powerful.

2.1.3. Other Editors

At this point, I really shouldn’t use anymore editors, but I’m insane, so here are some of the other smaller editors I use:

  1. Noahmacs

    This is my custom editor I “made” in C! It’s basically just a Kilo clone with a few different things I like. I plan on making it a full unique editor in the future, but for now it’s a pretty normal boring text editor. You should try it out tho!

  2. GNU nano

    It’s nano. That’s it. I don’t use it that much. I have some cool syntax highlighting on it though.

  3. uEmacs/Pk

    This is Linus Torvalds’ custom version of MicroEMACS that he’s apparently been using since the development of Linux (don’t cite me bitch). It’s pretty coolio :).

  4. JED

    I found Jed when I was really into looking at different versions/forks of MicroEMACS. This one is def one of the coolest ones I’ve come across. Aside from the cool colors, my favorite feature is the clock in the modebar lol.

2.2. Art/Design Software

2.2.1. Adobe Photoshop/InDesign

Photoshop is my main environment when it comes to digital art, while InDesign I use to layout pages and designs for my Journalism class, as well as for any zines I do.

2.2.2. GIMP

FOSS is cool :)

2.2.3. Inkscape

Please refer to the GIMP heading.

2.3. Game Development

2.3.1. Godot Engine (Mono)

I plan on using this for the development of my game The Void Above. I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but I have been experimenting with it to learn how it works. From the little time I’ve spent with it, it seems very very cool and powerful.

2.4. Music Software

2.4.1. Ableton Live 11 (Intro)

I’ve been a very happy Live user for a long time, and it’s always been my main choice of weapon when it comes to music production and audio editing. There really isn’t much to say, I just really enjoy Live!

2.4.2. Sonic Pi

I’ve had this installed on my computer for a while, but I barely use it. I know how to use it a little bit, but not enough to perform with it. Hopefully someday I will know how to use it fully.

3. Stationary

I’m not gonna go into full detail of my stationary (at least for now 😉), but here’s a list of my most commonly used stuff that is either in my fannypack or just in general.

4. TODO [1/2]

This is just a small list of stuff I need to do before it’s “complete”, aside from updating it when my setup changes.

  • [X] Finish Descriptions
    • [X] Descriptions
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  • [-] Add Images

Author: Noah Christopher

Created: 2023-06-04 Sun 18:02