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I'm going to be moving my main blog from here to Bear Blog! I found Bear Blog a while ago, and seemed like I'd enjoyed it a lot more than hand-coding HTML, since it uses Markdown, and is built for blogging. I'm still gonna leave this page up as an archive, and I may eventually come back to this once I finally understand how to use a static-site generator (lmao).

Anyways, see y'all over on my Bear Blog!


The first week of school has passed, and it's been pretty chill so far! All my classes are fun, no complaints really! I found out we use VS Code is Web Design, which I'm actually super glad is the case because I don't know if I could work with Dreamweaver every day lol. But yeah, so far things have been pretty chill.

Development on The Void Above has taken a small halt so me and most of the other people working on the game can take some time to ease back into the school year, but once me and the team gets into the groove, we're gonna be 100% back in it. I've been writing here and there whenever I get a chance, so development hasn't completely stopped, but yeah. I still wanna get a demo out by the end of the year, so hopefully we can get into that groove soon because we still have quite a few things to get done before it's in a complete-ish state.

I've recently been messing with some more (not really) "obscure" programming languages, namely BASIC and Lisp. I've been using two types of BASIC. The first is BBC BASIC, which is a dialect of BASIC that was used and made for the BBC Micro, and later RISC OS, which is what I've mostly been using it on, along with the console versions available for MacOS. The second version of BASIC I've been using is ArduinoBASIC. I recently got a SMART Response XE (which is some old classroom tool) modded with BASIC and it happens to run ArduinoBASIC which is a BASIC interpreter written for an Arduino (duh). I haven't done anything crazy with BASIC yet, but it's still a nice language to mess around with, make silly games and stuff like that.

The other language I've been messing with, Lisp has been super fun to work with. I've already had some experience with Lisp with Emacs Lisp, since Emacs itself is a Lisp interpreter, using Lisp to customize itself. The version of Lisp I use is CLISP, which is a GNU Common Lisp implementation. Similar to BASIC, I've just been kind noodling with it here and there, nothing serious, but at some point I would like to actually make something practical or at least put-together in it. Aside from CLISP, there is also a version of Lisp called uLisp, which is just a super small Lisp REPL that can be put onto Arduinos and stuff. On their website they have instructions for something called a Lisp Badge, which is just a d.i.y hand-help lisp computer. I wanna see if I can basically do the same thing that my little BASIC computer does, which is just put BASIC on a SMART Response XE, but instead of BASIC I use Lisp. Either that or just make a Lisp Badge, which honestly might be easier, since the keyboard on a Respone XE doesn't have things like slashes and junk.

I tried out GNUstep yesterday, and it honestly might become my main desktop enviroment for my desktop now. I've always been interested in NeXT and NeXTSTEP because of the almost "Pre-OSX" feel, and when I found GNUstep I lost my shit. It has a few issues, and sometimes can feel clunky, but personally, I love it. I think it's pretty sick, and some of the apps that come with it are pretty sweet. All my native Linux apps work pretty good too, like Emacs and Thonny.

I'm offically gonna be working on my solo album under a golden-edged blade! Info about the album is honestly still kinda in the air. I don't know how many songs are gonna be on it, but if I had to guess/estimate, I'd say somewhere between 8-12 songs. I plan on also playing a few shows here and there, but I mostly wanna focus on getting the album out before I go full-force into playing show-after-shows. I'm also sorta putting my other music projects on the side. I just have a lot of projects in general, and the ones I'm currently working on actively are the ones I'd like to focus on more before doing anything else. But yeah! Cool stuff coming soon (as always lol).


I go back to school in 1-2 days (I don't know if the day-of counts as a day before or whatever), and I'm really excited! I'm taking web design which I'm super stoked for. I've been wondering what software they use in that class, and I think they use Dreamweaver, not that it really matters. I've used Dreamweaver here and there and I like it. Either way, I'm still really excited for that class. My schedule overall is really cool! I'm excited to get back into a routine.

I really wanna try Pomodoro this year. I found out about this study technique sometime last year, but it was more towards the end of the year so I didn't really see a point to doing something super durastic that late in the year. I think that Pomodoro plus my Bullet Journal will be able to mix together well into a good productivity system.

Development of The Void Above has kinda slowed down as most of the team tries to ease back into school, but hopefully once everyone adjusts themselves to the new school year, we can make time to work on the game. I still plan on getting the demo out before the end of the year.

I've been really into RISC OS recently, and have been messing with BBC Basic a lot these last few weeks. I might make a shrine or something about it, it's just such a cool OS.

I got some new clothes for back2skool, and DAMN, I got some pretty sick stuff. I'm really excited to wear them out.


The Void Above is/has been fully into development motion, and god DAMN is it hard...sorta. We've been able to get a lot done, although most of it has been the writing. We found an artist to make the character sprites and they've been really fun to work with! You can check out their art here! Once we finish the writing and programming, we're probably gonna move to focusing on the art and music. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this previously, but we're only working on a demo, with plans for a full game coming out sometime next year or the year after. The demo should hopefully be out before the end of the year. If you want to see a screenshot of what we have so far, you can view it here.


I just came back from my little trip to Austin, and while I was there me and my mom stopped at a stationery store. I ended up buying a Bullet Journal and a cute little cat pen for my partner (rip I set it up today, and it seems really cool! Just from what I've read and whatnot, it seems like a very good organizational tool. I think it was a good purchase since school is right around the corner, and I usually struggle with organizing my school tasks and what not, so I think this will be perfect. On that note, I really need to go back2skool shopping. I need to get a new binder, my last one got SUPER beat up. It basically came out of the school year hanging by a string. I also need one that can hold all my stuff, but is also not too big. My last binder was HUGE and easily added 10 pounds alone. Granted, I also had like, 600 pages of blank notebook paper in the back of it for notes, so next year I could probably cut that down alot lol. I like binders more than individual notebooks, since it's a lot easier to just keep everything in one global enviroment rather than scattered. Plus it's easier to study with, in my opinion.

So, The Void Above has taken one (hopefully) final major change to the overall format of the game, which is; we're changing it to a Visual Novel. I was playing through a bunch of different peices of interactive fiction, and I just kept finding myself thinking about just how great the game would fit as a visual novel. Of course, me being myself, I'm gonna do some crazy shit with the format. However, because of this change, development has been slightly halted since we had to take some time and convert alllllllll the stuff we had written in Twine to Ren'Py. Despite that, I think I'm still gonna use Twine for outlining everything. I love my plain text and whatever, but with how many branching paths the game has, a visual tool to organize it all would be WAY better than...*gulp* indentions πŸ˜–. Also, I wanna do some cool stuff with the site for it, so keep ur eyes peeled for that.

πŸŽ‰ 8/2/2023 πŸŽ‰

I've been loosing my mind over this weird thing that I can't really explain or describe. "Digital Minimalism"? "The Poetic Web"? "The IndieWeb"? I've always considered it the latter, but whatever it is, if even one specific thing, it's so...liberating(?) knowing that this space that I am publishing this on isn't forced into a chokehold of rules and whatnot. I've been aware of this since creating this website, which was just about a year ago, but it's just such an amazing thing that I think needs to be shared around even MORE than it already is. Make your own website, hard-code your own blog, make a page about an eye-opening trip to Costa Rica, do whatever! I've always considered myself a "internet punk", or something along those lines, but I think that's part of that magic. It doesn't HAVE to be described, or explain, the beauty of this intimate, poetic, indie, whatever web speaks for itself.

With all that being said:
πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΎ Thank you for one amazing year on the world wide web <3!! πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰


I've recently discovered Journaling games/TTRPGs and I've been hooked. The one I've been playing a lot is Alone Among the Stars, which has been so amazing. The whole idea of "note-taking games" is amazing to me because, well;

  1. I like games
  2. I like taking notes

I think overall they are just usually super cool and unique, and I may look into making one since it's right up my alley!

I'm planning on turning my blog into an RSS feed, so the first step I took to do that is making each blog-post heading linkable. I'm gonna hopefully get the RSS feed up tonight.

I slept for like, 5 hours today, which is super unlike myself, but regardless I feel super refreshed. Sorta. I kinda feel more groggy, but oh well.


My Emacs manual came in! Yippee! I'm sososo happy. As cool as it is, I don't think it will ever make me better at programming. On that note, I really need to spend more time learning like, REAL programming languages. I wanna learn Javascript, but that seems like it might take me a while. Every time I try teaching myself I always get confused. I don't know, maybe one day I'll understand.


Development on The Void Above has been going pretty smooth. I've been really enjoying writing all the parts, but since there are so many levels of interaction (even for small items and what-not) it kinda gets tiring after a while. I still need to write the CSS for it to complete the look. For the full game, I wanna write some Javascript to make it even more interactive, but I think I can live without THAT much stuff in the demo. There's already gonn be a LOT of stuff. I'm really excited to see how the demo comes out.

Last night I was able to make a prototype of a small simulator game me and q1 have been working on! You can play it here! q1 was gonna teach me Javascript since I don't have that much experience with it, but I was so upset that I just couldn't get it, so I scrapped together the demo from bits and parts of different things out of pure rage. Some of it came from some web tools, websites, and Chat-GPT, all taped together to make a very basic prototype. This is also another project I'm looking forward to working on. I've been a big fan of q1's work for a while, so it's so cool to be able to work with them!

I'm getting the GNU Emacs manual that I ordered today! I'm really excited, I've been wanting this since like the middle of last school year. I know it seems kinda pointless to get this since you can just read the documentation online, but the reason I wanted it is super stupid. The reason I wanted it was because you (obviously) can't have any sort of digital technology while taking finals, BUT you can have a book. Obviously I love my digital stuff, so if I can't have it in a situation, at least I can have some sort of reference for it or something like that. Again, kinda weird, but also I just think it would be cool to reference some stuff from a physical book. Plus it doesn't run out of battery lol. But yeah, looking forward to getting that.

NEW PROJECT ALERT, WATCH OUT! Uhhhh, I don't have that much details for it but here's the site for it πŸ˜‹: a golden edged blade.


I've been working really hard on The Void Above. A tiny while ago, we switched from using Ink to Twine, which has been a very nice change. Ink is great, but (especially since the game is gonna run in a browser) Twine just has so many features that makes customizing it all SUPER easy. Plus, it's nice to look at and work in something that isn't all plain-text every now and then. Granted, part of the reason I love Emacs is because it's all plain-text, but ndijhsjhsjhsk fuck you.

Despite that last line in the previous paragraph of this post, I've been trying to have a more positive outlook on things, and overall been trying to be more appreciative of my friends and the people in my life. I really am lucky to have the people I have in my life. And on that note, thank YOU for visiting my website! Seeing people read my blog, and writings, and everything in-between just puts a smile on my face.

Thank you all for your love and support! <3


As of last night, I've been completely OBSESSED with these "tilde-servers"/shared computers. I've had my own page up for a while (which you can find here), but it's only as of recent where I realized just how cool this all is. I really wanna make my own shared-computer thing. The whole concept is just, so fucking cool. Maybe I'll do something like that for IWKTSI or something, who knows. All I know for sure is that this is definitely gonna be a future project of mine.

I'm almost complete with the writing part of my old-web programming zine, I just have to write the last few parts. I'm a tad bit stressed because I still have to draw and gather the graphics, format it all, find somewhere to print it, yadda yadda. Oh well, I'll figure it out, I always do (sometimes).

I haven't really been doing too many music projects recently. I've been mostly focusing on other endeavors like the zine, my game, and some other stuff, like one of the mini things I wanna try making is a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor in Javascript. I have a few music projects planned for the future, but nothing crazy.


Yesterday was the YAAMC show in my city (San Antonio)! It was super badass. Me and my partner got there at 6:30, which was around 15 minutes before the place SOLD OUT. For context, the show was held at a bookstore called Pink Zeppelin. It isn't really big, so it wasn't too surprising that it sold out, but regardless it felt sucky when me and Sofi were inside watching our friends stare back at us from the outside of the windows. I missed the first set (but they seemed rlly cool, check them out!: strawberry hospital) to go grab some food at the McDonald's across the street with my friends who couldn't get in. After some fries and a really funky tasting Grimace milkshake, we headed back across the street where Sofi and I bid our last adieu's to our friends. Right after that happened though, Tyler from YAAMC came out the door and announced they were doing 2 sets! Me and Sofi watched the first set, which was great, but the second set was where it was amazing. It might be because I was with more friends, but regardless Sofi and I had a great time during both sets.

Me and the team haven't had time to start working on the second part of the demo for The Void Above, just with how busy we've been, so I figured it'd be best if we gave it a break for a little bit, just til' next month. With it right around the corner, I'm excited to get working on it, but of course we still need to brainstorm and flesh some elements out.

I'm making a zine on making basic oldweb-style websites, which has been pretty fun, but also a tiny bit tiring. I figured I should write the actual content first before worrying about drawings and graphics and what not, but I ended up finding myself writing A LOT. This is gonna be a pretty hefty zine, and that's just the words alone. I'm hoping I can knock out all the graphics and stuff easily, but I'm sure that and formatting will take the same amount of time as me writing it all, so wish me luck.


I got back from my vacation today! It was a very fun time, got to see some cool things and the best part; I got to relax. It was overall a super nice time and it was nice to enjoy nature and there. With that being said, the trip back was actual hell. First, we thought we had forgot to book our shuttle back to the airport from the resort only a few hours before we were supposed to be there. Luckily, after a (not so) quick call, we got it all figured out and were able to get the shuttle back to the airport. We had a lay-over in Miami, with 3 and a-half hours to kill, so we decided to go out for a little beach. It was pretty nice, I liked a lot of the Art Deco buildings by south beach. After all that some real messed up stuff happened in regards to our flight home and scheduling and stuff that, in all honesty, I'm way too tired to recount right now.

Now that I'm back I'm gonna start work on the second part of the demo for The Void Above. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get any of the complex visual stuff I had planned done by the end of the summer, but at least the base will/should be finished by then. As for IWKTSI, I mostly wanna focus on just allowing our artist's to produce art to be put through it rather than just the zine. I'm thinking about having that zine specifically only have 1-2 issues a year. Despite my efforts, it never really made sense to make it an actual monthly zine or so. The whole point of it was to act like a sampler of all our artist's work, hence why I wanna focus more on just making sure people are making stuff or wtv.

I took down my setup page because it would just get too outdated too quickly and was overall difficult to maintain. I was using Org-Mode to write the stuff, then using it's export tool to export it to HTML, but it always sucked because I had to add the meta data like the website icon and background. Whenever I misspelled something, or wanted to go back and change something, it was always a pain in the ass to do because I would have to re-export it, put it in the right directory, then rip the correct meta code from another one of my pages and this and that. It was just super tedious. Anyways, maybe one day I'll put it back up with an easier way for me to update it.

Again, I plan on adding more stuff to my writing page soon, along with simply just organizing it. I also wanna add stuff to my art page. I started this website in hopes of starting my own webcomic, but the actual meta part of making a website like programming and junk got the best of me and gained all of my focus. I still wanna start a webcomic one day, but we'll see what happens. In the writing page, I'm thinking about having it be a more directory-style kinda deal, similar to how this blog used to be, but maybe with more appealing links, unlike how this blog used to me. I think this would be cool because then I could make fully immersive pages to match the theme of whatever the writing is. I think this would make more sense with more fiction stuff like short stories, but, as I always say: "We'll see what happens."

This has already became my longest blog post (so far), so the last final note I have is; I'm working on a game with q1! I've been a really big fan of their work for a while and I'm so so so SO happy to be able to work with them. We're still in our brainstorming phase, but we're for sure leaning on some sort of text-based game. If you haven't already pls check out their work, it is so well put together and beautifully done. Okay, I'm done now lol.


In a few hours (from 12:35am) I will be going to the airport to start my travel to Costa Rica! I'm pretty excited, I've never been out of the country, plus I've been needing some absolute chill-out time. Aside from maybe scheduling a few things I don't want to worry about anything at all. This last school year was pretty busy, and the rest of the summer I have project after project to do, so hopefully I can just have some me-time.

I ended up changing the name of my text editor from Noahmacs to Nemacs. This was mostly done as an attempt to continue the original acronym of Editor MACroS, just with my name added in (Noah's Editor MACroS). This was also done because Sofia thought it sounded better lol. Despite all this naming b.s., it's more of just a "faux-Emacs" because it only really visually resembles Emacs. I wanna make my own REAL Emacsen one day, but for now, this works.

The development of the demo for The Void Above is going great. I just finished the first half of it earlier this evening, and plan on starting work on the second half after I get back. I might start brainstorming, or maybe even drafting some stuff to-and-from Costa Rica, just because I have lay-overs and each flight is about 3 hours, so I might as well get some work done.


I've been working on the demo for my game, The Void Above with a few peeps. I wanna keep the team as small as possible, so I've been planning on learning C#. The base of the game is written in Ink, but I have a bunch of external stuff planned that can't be done in Ink (mostly visual stuff). So far, we have maybe about 30%-50% of the demo done. The demo will be kinda short, but hopefully there will be enough content in that short amount of time that people will find interesting.

In other news, hopefully IWOULDVEKILLEDTOSEEIT will be coming back into motion soon. I wanna focus on other art to get produced through IWKTSI rather than just the zine. As fun as the zine is, it's more of just a sampler of what our collective has to offer. With that being said, we also have a new artist on the collective, so we might do the second issue soon.

Aside from anything work related, I'm going to Costa Rica in a few days! It'll just be for 3 days, but I think I'm gonna try to be as disconnected as possible in this time. Kinda like a prep before going full force into all my projects. Also, I posted some poems on my writing page, FINALLY! It's just a few poems for now, but eventually I wanna add more, and organize it between types of writings (essays, short stories, etc) and other stuff like that. Please check it out, I hope you enjoy!


Today is/was the last day of school for me, and that means I now have a lot of time on my hands to work on projects. There's not much to say about the year, it was pretty good, excited for the next one. Anyways, back to the projects lol. To be 100% honest, the best way I can organize all of my stuff is with a list so...

Projects I am going to (attempt to) do this summer (in no particular order):

Basically; make a lot of art. I've had a lot of projects on the back-burner and I wanna try to get most of them done this summer. I'm sure there are some more things I'm forgetting or something, but regardless, I'm excited. I wanna see what new stuff I could learn and try to apply it into an art setting. I also want to try to do commissions to make some money this summer, so I'm hoping I can do that. But yeah, I'm happy school's out and I'm looking forward to making a lot of weird b.s.


School's almost done, so hopefully I'll be able to work on some different projects more. I have a few trips planned for this summer, but I think I'll still have time to do some stuff. Fuzzy Notebook is on a sorta-hiatus, mostly because this summer is kinda hectic with all of us doing different things, but I still wanna play a show or two here and there. I think more than anything though I'd wanna practice. Playing shows is fun, but not when everyone's doing their own thing because no one knows how the song goes (no shade to my bandmates, love y'all). I've sorta been wanting to move away from shoegaze to a cleaner post-rock kinda vibe. Either way, I love our band.

My latest project I'm starting to work on is an interactive fiction game called The Void Above (Working Title). The game is about a girl trying to deal with her constant dread of feeling like a waste of space, while dreaming about herself in space, trying to find someone (or something) that has clearly gone missing. As of writing this, the demo is still being worked on but should release sometime in the summer. I plan on (possibly) starting a Kickstarter for it after we get the demo out, mostly to support ourselves and to pay the small team helping me out, but we'll see what happens. The absolutely last thing I want is to create an "Omori Kickstarter Situation", but with how busy school is gonna keep me next year, it's starting to seem more and more likely that something like that will happen. This is all assuming we're gonna get funded, but I acknowledge the realistic possibility that we won't get funded, which of that does happen I have a separate plan. Either way, I'm hoping this will be able to all turn out good.


Yo! Sorry for the late update, I've been pretty busy with school mostly. I've been working on keeping up with my classes, as well as attempting to still do some things on the side, such as my band and other art. fuzzy notebook has been playing a few shows, although I think we should spend some time just practicing/writing because we kinda only practiced once and just did it to immediately start playing shows, but now that we've done that we'll probably start focusing on perfecting them and writing more songs. I've also been brain-storming/rough drafting some newer projects of mine, so hopefully those come into fruition soon.

I have been regularly journaling within Emacs using Org-Journal since the beginning of April and I'm assuming that's why I haven't felt a need to update my blog in a while. It's pretty cool, I use it with Org-Agenda so I can keep track of TODO's and stuff like that. EOC's are coming up so I've kinda just been waiting for the school year to be over so I can start a bunch of my projects and stuff. I still wanna do a major website overhaul, but that'll also be another summer project. I'm gonna try to get consistent updates on here, but we'll see what happens.


I released a compilation album under my new band fuzzy notebook. You can listen to it on my music page! I released it just randomly in the middle of the night because I had been wanting to drop some music for the project, plus I had some songs I liked that I didn't want to go to waste. Currently we're making CDs for the album and plan on selling them soon! It has full version of the song "nyah" from the album. Online, "nyah" is only 3 seconds because of a rendering issue, although I liked that it was super short and felt like it would fit the album. Of course, I didn't want people to buy a CD that still had the 3 second version, hence the reasoning for the full version being on there. I'm really excited to start performing this music live, but it might be a little while until we do that because we still need to practice a bit more together, plus I still have tests coming up so I still have to study a lot.

I'm having an art exhibit at my art program tomorrow, which I'm really really excited for. We spent a long time working on a game and I'm so excited to get to see it in a complete status. iwouldvekilledtoseeit is still planning a 2nd issue of the zine, but we've been wanting to focus on different stuff so it'll probably be a while till that comes out. I plan on updating my written works and art pages soon, I have some stuff that I can actually put up there so look out for that soon.


Currently on the plane back home from L.A.! I got to do tons of stuff and just overall had a really fun time! I went to the new Super Nintendo World in Universal Hollywood, which was an absolute brain explosion for 4 y.o. me. It all felt so surreal, being there in the Mushroom Kingdom. With all that being said, I wasn't too keen on the 4 hour wait for the Mariokart ride. Regardless, I thought it was worth it (sorta).

Hopefully by the time you're reading this my setup page should be up and running. It's pretty much finished, I just have to add images. But again, it's one of those things that I'll update over time as my setup changes. Aside from keeping the blog and the rest of my site up, I don't plan on doing too much up until the summer. With finals coming up I'd like to put all/as much of my attention as possible to school. I'm working on a few smaller projects that aren't as attention dependent that I'll be working on, but those are things I probably won't share until they are complete or in a complete-ish state. iwouldvekilledtoseeit is planning on putting more focus on our website, so the next issue of our zine is kinda up in the air right now. We wanna do more than just the zine, so expect to see more stuff over there soon!!


I didn't really like the "equipment tour" I made, plus it ended up being outdated within days of putting it up, so I decided to just make a general setup page that I'll update over time. I'm still working on it, but I should be putting it up sometime next week.

In other news, I've been really excited for spring break! The big thing I'm doing is going to L.A., but I'm mostly just looking forward to getting a break from school. Hopefully I get to enjoy myself before I have to deal with tests and stuff the last few months of school. I'm honestly just planning on working on the website and writing stuff up until school ends. I wanna try to put as much as of my attention into school after spring break, but I'll still be working on the website regularly.


Tonight, I'm going on a date with my partner, Sofia! We're both really excited. We really haven't had a day to just go out to eat and chill together, but today is that day. We're going out to a sushi place. The last time we both had sushi was for Sofi's birthday, and that was in November, so I'm ready to chow down on some badass rolls and stuff.

There isn't really much else going on. We're planning a new issue of our zine, but it's gonna be a sort of "re-make" with articles on different artists, pieces, events and stuff like that, along with pages with art from ourselves. The only reason we aren't making an "Issue 2" is because I want the zine to be similar from start to (whenever it) end(s), and for it to follow an actual magazine format.


I've been meaning to write a new post, I've just been super duper busy with school. Things have just been pretty chill, not really anything to complain about! I've been wanting to learn more stuff like more JavaScript and PHP. I've completely shifted over from VSCode to Emacs, which has been pretty fun! I'm running Doom Emacs on my MacBook Pro, and vanilla GNU Emacs on both my Chromebook and RaspberryPi 400. I've been using it for everything from taking notes to using it as my terminal. I have the tiniest problem with the terminals in Doom though, where it shows VSCode as my terminal, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually! I've been using Emacs mostly for note-taking in my classes using Org-Mode. I've really enjoyed it so far and I can see myself using it for a long time. I think I'll make a page talking about my tech, stationery, and just my equipment and stuff I use, so look out for that!

I've somewhat put a lot of my projects on hold, but iwouldvekilledtoseeit is still planning on putting out our second issue this month, and hopefully I will get some new music out pretty soon! I still wanna add a few more things to my website, namely adding updated art to my art page, and adding stuff to my writings page.


First post of the year! The year has been pretty good so far, and with school starting it's been so busy already (in a good way). I've mostly been trying to focus on getting good grades and trying to get all A's, but I've also been working on the next issue of the IWOULDVEKILLEDTOSEEIT zine, as well as practicing and recording music for my two new music projects, the passerby do nothing to save you and fuzzy notebook. the passerby do nothing to save you is a funky lil skramzgaze project between me and few other art collective folks, while fuzzy notebook is more of a weird experimental thingy between me and Sofia where we do kind of a bunch of stuff like noise, breakcore, ambient drone, and a bunch other weird cool stuff like that! As far as I know, we're planning shows for both of these projects around late January. the passerby is def gonna take a lil' more time to form as it's a (some-what) more structured operation, with fuzzy notebook being more of a weird mix between using set-up backing tracks and improvised noise junk. Despite their differences and similarities, I'm really excited for both projects and to see what they have in store! Please follow both bandcamps to stay in the know for both things!

I've been trying to learn Emacs (which most of this is being written in), although it definitely is something I have to spend a little more time with to fully get used to it. Still fun to learn tho!

So far, the year is turning out to be really good and I'm nothing short of excited!


This is just a small little post to say goodbye to 2022, and hello to 2023! This year was filled with great things (one of which being starting this website) and I'm excited to see what the new year has to come. I wanted to give a small thank you to all my friends and family who have been super supportive of me this past year, and thank YOU for viewing my website, it means the world to me <3.

Happy New Years!!


Last week was super busy, but everything turned out pretty well! All my grades for my semester exams came back either A-'s or B's, and my art collective's zine ("iwouldvekilledtoseeit") came out really well! The printing process was kinda hectic, but we managed to hit the amount we wanted and more pretty quickly. The market last Saturday was super fun, and we had a pretty good turn out! Tyler sold their earrings, Sofia sold their Kandi bracelets, and of course the main thing we sold was the zines. As of now, we are planning on setting up a shop on the website so people can order zines and we'll ship them out. We're also looking into the possibility of a subscription service for the zine, so they'll automatically get a zine shipped to them every time we make a new issue for a small fee every month.

I have a few things I wanna implement to the site like FINALLY updating my art page, and actually adding things to the Written Works page, along with adding a few gifs or so for the Holiday season, although given the fact that Christmas is already in a few days, and Hanukkah is close to ending, I'll probably save the decorations for next year. I keep trying to get into learning JavaScript, although I keep procrastinating and finding excuses to do other things, so it'll probably be a hot second till I get a good grasp on it. I'm also working on new music, so I'm really excited to see where it leads! Ideally, a full album will be made, but I'm pretty busy with my art, the website, and school, so it might be sometime till it gets anywhere close to finished, but we'll see it happens.


This week has been pretty jam-packed, but overall pretty good. This is the last week of school before the holiday break, which means one thing: mid-terms. So far, I've been doing fairly good, although I still have a few more to do. I feel pretty confident in these last three tests because they're all elective classes plus my English class which I tend to consider as my "favorite" class. I know it's definitely not for everyone, but it's just such a calming class to me. I find so much comfort in the dead silence that fills the room while I write. It's almost like a class in between my day where I can just catch a breather and do nothing but relax and write.

Aside from exams, I've been hella busy with band things. I had my jazz concert Monday (which went great), but at the last minute yesterday morning, I was put on drums for the orchestra concert. It was super last minute considering the concert was that same day, later, but the Orchestra Director promised lunch so I obviously couldn't turn it down. It went okay, I would've done better if I had the time, but non-the-less, it was fun. On Saturday my art collective ("iwouldvekilledtoseeit") is setting up a booth at a market, so I'm super stoked for that! We'll be selling jewelry, stickers, and copies of the zine we've been working on, which came out great! We managed to print the amount of copies we wanted and more, which was nice, and we hand-stapled them all between two days. We've already sold a few copies here-and-there, but I'm really excited for the market! I wanna try getting the website for the art collective up soon, and we're figuring out the best way to share it virtually and discussing possible shipping so people can buy a physical copy online. This week has been long, but I'm proud of myself and can't wait for the market <3.


Tomorrow my art program Say SΓ­ is screening short films that have been recently made, one of which I composed music for! I haven't seen the final product but I'm really proud of my work. I wanna try to try to release the music by itself, so I'll probably ask today if I can since it's kinda theirs. My new art collective, "iwouldvekilledtoseeit" is currently working on our first zine! There's a market coming up on the 17th so we've been kinda rushing so we can set up a booth there, but overall I'm still really stoked to see how it turns out. I wanna set up a website so people can get a zine shipped to them (along with other art), but we'll see what happens. Next week is Exam Week so school has been a bit hectic, but overall I've been doing fairly good. We have a Christmas Concert for Jazz next week, so I've just been trying to get down the rhythms and keeping tempo. I usually drum at a decent speed, but sometimes I have a tendency to speed up and drag. I should be able to get them down by the end of the week. And then finally, Christmas Break is in two weeks, so it'll all be worth it.

I might be making a few changes to the website, so possibly look for that in the future!

11/11/2022 - I'm back!

Hello! As I'm sure some people have noticed, I have been gone for a hot second, but I should be getting back into the swing of things. I've been really busy with school and other extra curriculars this last month, So I really didn't have that much time to touch anything. However, now that I'm back, I have a few ideas I wanna implement to the site. I'm planning on writing actual articles on different topics surrounding art, as well as trying to keep the site updated with new art and stuff. I really need to update the art part, so I'll prob work on that tomorrow. I'm planning on just leaving the blog as a personal journal and site updates, so I'll leave updates for where things will be added on the site as well. I'll try to at least update the blog regularly. Thank y'all for staying here and actively visiting!!

Safe surfing!! <3

9/18/2022 - "Your War (I'm One of You)" and Upcoming Projects

Hello! So I recently had some of my art be shown in a gallery a few days ago, one of which being an experimental text-based game called "Your War (I'm One of You)". The title is from one of my favorite documentaries of the same name, although there is no connection. I don't really wanna give too much info on it, but I recommend you play it yourself here. There are tons of secrets, so don't be afraid to double guess your actions! I have a few plans for a new drone experimental music compilation, so I'll probably hop on that soon. I also want to start writing some short stories and poem things whenever I get ideas and have the time. Overall there should be some cool stuff coming. I hope you're as excited as I am!

8/14/2022 - School and Junk

In about a week, I'll be starting High School! I think I'm just the right amount of worried and excited, so I should be all good to go. I'm taking Marching Band and Web Design, so I'm definitely excited for those classes. I'm also taking Newspaper Journalism, which I'm also excited for. Overall, I can't wait for the year to start! Even though I've been super busy (and about to get even busier when school starts), I've had tons of ideas for new art projects and weird little artsy thingies. I've been wanting to do a huge story-based project using .txt files, although to be slightly blunt; I'm not all that sure what it would really be exactly. I also have a few ideas for some funky art installations, so maybe that's my next big project. So yeah, that sorta concludes my "accidentally monthly" blog post. Stay tuned for all that rad junk I talked about!

7/21/2022 - P Terry's

Hello! I hope you are enjoying my website! Uhhhh I honestly don't have that much to say lol. I'm getting P Terry's later tonight, so that's always a good thing! P Terry's is soooo good 🀀. Sometime soon, I'll be posting more stuff about art and music I'm working on, Dungeons and Dragons, and nerding out about music gear and web pages and things of that nature! I have a few cool ideas for the website that I'll possibly work on too like little html toys, noisemakers, games and all that jazz. So yeah! Hope you'll stay around!

*β˜…,Β°*:.β˜†(οΏ£β–½οΏ£)/$:*.Β°β˜…* 。